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Tools and Resources for Educators

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 75 Educational Ipad Apps




Graphic Organizers


Links to a variety of graphic organizing and brainstorming websites



Some specific links from above link:

Printable Graphic Organizers


WorksheetLibrary offers 14 free downloadable graphic organizers, including vocabulary, simple chart, timeline, fact/opinion




Google Tutorials


Google Tutorials are provided for the following:

Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Account, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Tips, Google Slides, Google Hangouts, Google Forms, and Google Classrooms

In addition to text and picture tutorials provided for the above, video tutorials can be accessed also.




Google Help Center 




Grants for Teachers





Health - Videos on Weight Loss,Brain Function, Hormone Levels,Better Digestion.docx




Museum of Tolerance Online Multimedia Learning 






Glossary - Interactive 

Interactive Math Glossary


Computing Technology for Math Excellence 

You will find yellow tabs along the top and down the left side for navigating the website:

Among the tabs at the top, the tab: Search CT4ME can be used to find specific information in the website. (Note: The first links that come up are Google generated.  Keep looking until you find links specifically from this website.)

The tabs along the left side are divided into three categories:

Math TopicsLearning Support, and Professionalism





Mathbits.com for free printable graph paper (send it to the Central Office print shop, please!)


Algebra I


From TestPrepReview.com - Algebra I

At the end of the practice questions, a breakdown is given for the categories of questions that are on the STAAR test and how many questions will be under each category.


Printable High School Algebra Math Posters





Printable High School Geometry Math Posters







The website below can be use to print and/or save just the main information from a website 





ScienceDaily news articles on a vast array of science subjects



Life Sciences

www.insects.org for bug photos and identification

What Tree is That? identification guide from National Arbor Day Foundation

Auburn University's Plant Identification Resource for Leaf ID 



Social Studies


Presidentialelection.wikispaces.com collects links to sites on assessing the issues, each candidate, and mores





Websites for a Variety of Subjects


Free Online Textbooks, Flashcards, Practice, Real World Examples, and Simulations



Games, Quizzes, Worksheets, Timelines and Facts



16 Edtech Tools to Check for Student Understanding

You will need to hoover over each star to seed the name of each tool and click on each one to go to the individual websites 


















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