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Hours and Policies

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Main Library

The GHS Library is open from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. every school day.

(At least two days a week the library will stay open until 5:00 p.m. Check

with the librarian at the beginning of the week to find out the specific days.) 

Changes are noted on the Library homepage and on the This week in the Library page.


During class hours, you must have your school ID and a pass from your teacher to visit the Library for book checkout or any other reason.


You may have up to 2 books/audiobooks checked out at a time.  (Three books may be checked out if at least one is being used for an assignment.)


Books are due based on the stamped due date. You can renew your books at the Circulation Desk, even if you don't have the books with you.


Audiobooks are due 5 school days after the checkout day, with fines (late return fees) of $1.00 per school day.


Reference books and magazines may be checked out overnight, but you must return them by 8 a.m. or you will pay a $1.00 per hour fine.


If you damage a book, you must pay a repair fee. If you lose a book, you must pay its replacement cost that includes a processing fee.


Library Computer Lab

To use the Library Computer Lab, you must have a 2010-2011 signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Form on file and a clear Library account (no fines/fees from Jr. High, no lost books at GHS). Check in at the Circulation Desk with your school ID card before going into the Lab.


Personal printing is limited to 1-2 pages daily. You will be charged for excessive printing, even if you printed it accidently (personal or research), so always use PrintPreview.


You may NEVER play internet games or download anything (aside from single approved images) or watch videos or listen to music online at any time. This uses more than your share of bandwidth. Don't risk having your computer account closed down for the year!


Before school and after school, you can access e-mail  assignment and school-related activities, do homework, conduct personal research, and play school-installed games like Minesweeper and Pinball. 


During lunch You may use the Computer Lab for e-mail (for assignment and school-related activities), homework, school-installed games, and personal research ONLY if you arrive at the BEGINNING of your lunch period and ONLY if the Lab is not reserved for class use. You must stay in the Library for your whole lunch period.


During class hours When the Lab is not reserved for class use, you may use the Computer Lab for school-related research only. You must have a signed pass detailing what assignment you are completing in the Lab.


If a class is in the Lab You may not use a computer, even if it looks like one is available.

To work on an assignment, you can try to go to computer lab in room 207 (the Odyssey Lab) with a pass.


Staff:  Mrs. Chandra Woods 



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