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Spanish Projects

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Research Project Topics.docx


PAP Websites for Día de los Muertos Presentation.docx


Spanish 1 -Sra. Boggs - Country project: 

CIA World Factbook for information about countries - do NOT print out! Write down what you need on your fact sheet.

Enchanted Learning - for outline maps, flags, etc. to use as a model for the map and flag that you must draw yourself.


Textbook connection - Realidades 1 - the code is in your book

Games for practice - Polyglot matching game  and  Matching game 

Dia de los Muertos research sites AZ Central  or MexicoConnect or Wikipedia - no printing needed!


Spanish 2 - Textbook connection - Realidades 2 - the code is in your book


Spanish 3 - Textbook connection -  Realidades 3 - the code is in your book

Country bulletin board project Spanish3 Bull Board.doc

Newspapers in other countries here

Enchanted Learning - outline flags & maps to color, dictionaries

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