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Great websites for research and other educational purposes


Remember that clicking on a link will take you off this site, so you will have to back-arrow to return to the GHS Library site. To open a link below in a new tab, right click on it an choose "open link in new tab".


 The Library of Congress - Access to American Memory (millions of digital items documenting American history & culture), Portals to the World (resources on countries all over the globe), Places in the News (maps and facts), Everyday Mysteries of science, and much more.


Virtual LRC - A whole library of great links to sites on all school subjects, organized by topics for easy browsing.



Analyze Math - Tutorials , problems, and worksheets (with applets)

                       Includes ACT and SAT practice exams



Social Studies


Countries - Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of countries from U.S. State Dept. and the CIA World Factbook


World Atlas  - Maps and facts about the world.


National Flags



Blank Maps of Countries


 (To print a specific map:  1.  Choose the desired map  2.  Under the map chosen, click on " Click the map above for a printable version" 3.  Copy and paste it to a blank Microsoft Word document.  4.  Modify size and location (if so desired) and print.)


 The 2000 Census Atlas of the United States online in PDF. Each section is many pages long, with hundreds of maps and charts - look up what you need, but please don't print!




Cells Alive shows cell models, mitosis, meiosis, puzzles, and more.












Nobel Prize winners' biographies and more


NASA - news, launch schedules, history, contests, career information, astronomy highlights from America's space agency



also see Works Cited made easy


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